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The best gifts for Valentine's Day

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Valentine’s Day is approaching. Valentine’s Day occurs every February 14th across the United States and in other places around the world. Just in case you’re not sure what to give that special someone… Read on and please support one or more of these fantastic gift options.

Here are some recommendations that we think you will love:

Skin Care / Heavenly Soap Company

If you are thinking of giving your loved one something related to skin care, we recommend Heavenly Soap Company a business that offers you a variety of handmade, natural and organic soaps for that special someone to have a dream bath.

Instagram: Heavenly Soap Company

An option to remind them how much you want to take care of them!

Desserts / Miski peruvian desserts

Give sweetness and happiness with dessert. Miski Peruvian Desserts offers a variety of traditional desserts. Feel free to experience new flavors with your partner and have an incredible day.

Instagram: miskiperuviandesserts

Because desserts don't fill the stomach, they fill the heart!


For the romantic, we give you 2 options that will bring out more than a smile. This Valentine’s, give the gift of song

California State Flower

California State Flower musical group will help you express your love in melody.

Instagram: @californiastateflower


Summer in Winterland, a couple who knows how to express their love through music.

Instagram: @summerinwinterland


Illustration / Alex Martinez Art

A gift that will also bring a smile to your partner is an illustration of a special photograph. Alex Martinez Art will create an illustrated version of your photograph to create a memory that will always be cherished.



Home / Pillows and Walls

If your special someone is more homey, how about decorating a special space for them? Pillows and Walls can recommend cushions or wallcovering designed to fit any style, feeling or memory.

Instagram: Pillows and Walls

In these times it’s best to appreciate moments inside the home.

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