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2021 Decorating Trends

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

At years end, we wonder what decorative trends are in store for 2021. At Pillows & Walls we want to summarize what we’ve seen so far so you can have an idea of what you can incorporate in your home.

Walls are key. We will continue to see walls adorned with paintings, photographs and wallpapers. Yes, wallpapers are back! With so many available options, we don’t see this design element leaving our lives anytime soon. With so many combinations available, you can expect to see wallpaper used in installations all over.

Don’t forget the 5th wall, ceilings!

Here at Pillows & Walls we like to put our own touch on things. The team has been hard at work designing some exclusive wallpaper which we are very excited to share with you. With wallpapers to suit your living room, bedroom, your little one's nursery and our custom program options, we have you covered.

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